GTA Vice City for BigClock 1.0

GTA Vice City for BigClock Publisher's Description

GTA Vice City for BigClock is Flashback''s newest SmartTheme for BigClock. SmartTheme stands for a new standart of themeing - your clock will actually change upon the time of the day. Come see the stars on the night sky when it''s late, or be amazed by e beautiful sunrise when gettin'' up in the mornings. GTA Vice City theme is made up in a full 16bit color, so it will look neat in your device forsure! But... you just have to give it a try. Everything among that is up only to you ! If you have the Treo280, instead of a 16bit device, the theme will run perfectly anyway - Treo280 has actually 4096 colors inside, so it can display your new theme incredibly colorful and vivid!

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